In the shadow of an ancient acacia tree, growing in the heart of the desert, there is a desert inn (khan) built of mud and date palms and decorated with carpets and recycled items—all natural.The variety of natural colors, shapes and textures and the peaceful environment produce a charming, soothing sensation and a sense of complete detachment from the hubbub of everyday life. 


These lodgings blend in harmoniously with their natural surroundings.


 There is no raucous entertainment that will ruin the quiet tranquility, allowing the visitors to experience the expansive desert vistas, taking in the slowly, ever-changing natural panoramas over the days and seasons - the colors and landscapes, the play of light and shadows, the spectacular desert sunrises and sunsets…

גשם של כוכבים - לחץ לפרטים 18-19.08.2022