All accommodation fees include Breakfast and Dinner

In each tent\room will be one group at a time (organic group, no other guests added)

Each room and tent is one open space with mattresses on mats

The difference between a room and a tent is by size only

(Toilets and bathrooms are located in a shared area)

During cold nights the rooms and tents would be warmed up by wood heaters

Prices remain the same throughout the entire year


- 1 night, including dinner and breakfast (tent/room):

390 Nis per adult, 220 Nis per child (3-13).

- One couple in a room (Breakfast and dinner included):

760Nis per night

- One person in a room (Breakfast and dinner included):

380Nis per night

  • It is possible to rent beddings and sleeping bags for 40 Nis per set, or bring your own
  • Prices include of all taxes
  • Reservations must be made in advance


Camel ride prices


prices Nis (adult/child)


Trip duration



About 20 minutes



About 1 hour (around the khan)



Half a day (5-6 hours) with "shepherds" lunch

(6 people min.)



About 24 Hours camel journey

including one night outdoors and 3 meals and finish with "hafla" lunch at the lodge

(8 people min.)

גשם של כוכבים - לחץ לפרטים 18-19.08.2022